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Campus look

on September 9, 2011

Assalamu’alaikum Wr. Wb

smart look

smart look

Dear readers 🙂
being stylish and smart dressing is so fun
I wanna try to show my “Campus look”.
Firstly, you can choose the colours.

I really love purple. So, i choose that colour.

I layering t-shirt with dark purple cardigan with puff on the shoulder, the puff-cardigan can volume up my outfits .

I wear that top with a dark grey pleat skirt. it makes me so girly 🙂

puff cardigan

puff cardigan

then I mix and match with zebra printed jilbab/hijab. take a look the colours (dark and light purple), i love it ^_^ .

butterfly brooch

butterfly brooch with zebra printed jilbab/hijab

I also put a brooch.

A butterfly crystal brooch will give a splash of elegance to my campus look.

final outfit is wedges shoes..hoho

Now, take a look my campus style 🙂


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